World Vision For Sinners And Saints

Sinners And Saints is a forum for all people with a vision to improve the world.We want the wrong to be made right!Plant a seed for us, nurture it; and other participants in our forum will help you achieve your mission.

Everything you see that has been made by humans started as an idea in the mind of one person.Success has often been achieved against great opposition.Now the Internet allows us to mobilize people of like mind.We can move mountains anywhere in the world!

I would like to ask for the wisdom of our participants to focus on solving issues in the following categories:

  1. Child Abuse

  2. Domestic Violence

  3. Sexual Offenders

  4. Violent Crimes

  5. Online Dating

  6. Animal Abuse

  7. Abortion

  8. Immigration Issues

  9. Grand Jury Abuses

  10. Poverty

  11. School Drop Out

  12. Healthcare

  13. Financial Crimes

  14. Helping Non-Profit Organizations

  15. Community Banks/Regional Banks
  16. Abolish Income Tax
  17. Political Corner

Let us know your thoughts.Show us the way!Our rules for participating are that we will not allow vulgarities, swearing or obvious hate and animosity towards anyone.

To blog, go to the right side of this page to select a category to which you want to respond. Click on the subject title once you are on the page you have chosen.





Ernest Garfield, founder of Sinners And Saints, brings a strong background in marketing, finance, management, and government, as well as technical expertise. As an Arizona State Senator he was a member of the Appropriations, Judiciary, and Commerce and Industry committees. Ernie also served as Vice-Chairman of the Senate Education Committee.

As State Treasurer of Arizona he helped reform the state’s investment laws. His efforts made it possible for him to earn more interest income for the state during his tenure than had been earned by all previous state treasurers combined.

As Arizona Corporation Commissioner during the Middle East oil crisis, he twice chaired the White House Conference on Energy. Since leaving public office in 1979, Mr. Garfield has been involved in forming banks, real estate development, publishing and civic affairs.

Ernie chaired the Arizona Governor’s Commission on Rape Prevention, and served on the Governor’s Commission for the Prevention of Family Violence, the Governor’s Commission on Violence Against Women, and the Governor’s Sexual Assault Task Force. He is a driving force in support of solving these issues. He is also a member of several other anti-violence organizations including a founding member of the Men’s Anti-Violence Network. Ernie served on the board of the Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council and is on the board of the East Valley Institute of Technology Foundation.

Garfield, founder and chairman of Interstate Bank Developers, Inc., advocates strong local banking and business support to encourage the development and progress of a community’s economy. He believes that local control of local deposits and reinvestment in the community provides an important advantage to residents and businesses. He is also chairman of Consolidated Management Corporation and U. S. Criminal Records Agency. www.usrecords.us

Garfield served in Korea in the U. S. Army Field Artillery and was inducted into the Artillery Hall of Fame at the Officer Candidate School in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Arizona in Tucson, and a Bachelor of International Management and a Master of International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management in Glendale, Arizona.

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